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The CSSA aims to foster and encourage, sports and social activities across the Culham site. Anyone who works on the site can become a member so please get involved and give it your support so the association can grow and prosper.

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Bicycle Workshop
On your Bike.....................
Culham Bicycle Workshop
Facilities/activities: we have a range of bike tools for carrying out most maintenance tasks, and lubricants, oils, etc. There is a hose for cleaning down muddy bikes close by. We encourage people who want to do larger jobs, for example swapping out a bottom bracket or replacing a cassette, to buy the parts and bring them in to use the tools for fitting. The volunteers are on hand to offer advice and encouragement. The idea of the workshop is to provide a space where people can carry out work on their bikes in a friendly environment and talk to other enthusiastic amateur mechanics. In the longer term we hope to be able to organise occasional basic maintenance courses.
Costs: we sell a small range of “get you home” spares (spare inner tubes, chain links) at close to cost price, and welcome donations to cover other costs. We would expect volunteers and regular users to be members of CSSA and encourage anyone else who uses the facilities to join.
Where to go: the Workshop is located at the rear of C1, via the car park around the back.
Running times: we aim to be open at lunchtime (12:00-13:00) every working day, and post-work for a bit (16:30-…) whenever volunteers are available. The Workshop is staffed by volunteers so there may be occasional days when it is not available but we hope to minimise these. People are welcome to drop in any lunchtime to see what there is or ask for advice.

Email contacts - Richard Kemp - Jon Caumont
Telephone - 01235 466438 or 01235 464322